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Concept sketches 1
Sketches 1

Concept sketches 2
Sketches 2

Concept visual 1
Concept 1

Concept visual 2
Concept 2

Concept visual 3
Concept 3

Launch logo
Launch logo

BBC Sport Academy font

BBC Sport Academy launch brand guidelines, 2001

The Academy required a brand that was inspirational and aspirational.

The same design problems occured as with structure and visual design of the site.

The logo needed to appeal to the younger and older end of the core audience, whilst still being respectable enough for parents and teachers.

Strong enough for TV and print as well as mugs and t-shirts, the logo had to be bold. Also it had to capture the feeling of sport, the range of sports covered (if possible) and we also wanted to include a custom 'ownable' logotype.

As with the site design we set off producing concept after concept, and tested these, along with the designs for the sites look, with children of all ages.

The final logo showcases the breadth of sports the Academy covers, and is as stong in print and TV as it is on the web.


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