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Yoplait Dairy Crest identity

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The sun and flower logo

The cow logo
Cow logo

The cow stationary

Yoplait needed a distribution channel in the UK. Dairy Crest, with close links to the French company already, could provide this.

A partnership was set up, and a branding project was undertaken by Springett Associates.

In effect Dairy Crest was helping Yoplait to grow. The Dairy Crest sun blazing above the Yoplait flower seemed the perfect solution.

At the time this was the preferred option, though subsequently it was changed. There were, however, one or two other options that were considered...

At the heart of all dairy products is the humble cow and it was the bovine that formed the basis of my favourite solution.

The playful cow would have appeared in different guises on different types of communication.

With the use of colour on the typography, the words became the grass the cow grazed on on the business card, or the field it stood in on the bottom of the letterhead.

Alas, though this design raised a smile and was liked, it was deemed to be too playful for the company at that time, and was discarded at the first iteration.

Bang went my D & AD award.

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