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The synopsis document

The game overview document

Concept sketches 1
Sketches 1

Concept sketches 2
Sketches 3

Concept sketches 3
Sketches 3

Concept sketches 4
Sketches 4

Game sprites 1
Sprites 1

Game sprites 2
Sprites 2

Game sprites 3
Sprites 3

The 'World Cup Warrior' font, Taitocorp

The 'World Cup Warrior' logo

'Godzilla, playing football in the streets of Tokyo with all the other classic monsters.'

Or almost.

We thought Nike would use that for its campaign for the World Cup of 2002, but alas they didn't.

What we did for our game for the competiton, was take the themes of Japanese monsters, manga and robots, then combine them with liberal doses of football.

'World Cup Warrior' was born, though not without some minor editorial resistence. To convince the doubters, we put together a synopsis and an overview of the game, adamant that we needed a simple concept, focussed on gameplay.

The essence of World Cup Warrior is based around the four core skills of football. Your character, Onmi, must dribble, tackle, pass and shoot his way to getting his world cup final ticket back.

Along the way, he meets various robots, before fighting three 'boss' characters, the last of which holds his ticket.

The game proved incredibly popular, recieving over half a million hits in June 2002. It is still recieves over ten thousand hits per day in its new home on the BBC Sport Academy.

If you haven't already, why don't you have a go Pop-up icon?


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