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Children have become increasingly less interested in sports for a variety of reasons. The BBC wanted to help change that.

Funded by BBC Education in association with BBC Sport, the Academy was targeted at children between the ages of eight and eighteen, but also had to appeal to young adults and children of six and seven.

Whilst that was the sites core audience it also had to appeal to parents and teachers alike.

The aim of the site? To provide inspiration to get out and try sport, even if you were a novice.

Scared of embarrassing yourself playing cricket? The Academy would show you the rules, what equipment you needed, and teach you techniques that professionals used.

Academy would also be feature heavily in BBC Sport's television output, as well as print campaigns, advertising, and promotional material. It would also be represented at big sporting events.

The Academy was used to introduce some fresh ways of working to the current BBC Sport interactive approach.

User profiling, user journeys, wireframing, wireframe testing, and design testing all made their debuts in BBC Sport interactive on the Academy development.

Each stage of the project (information architecture, site design and branding) is covered in more detail in their respective sections.

If you haven't done so already, why not have a look at the finished BBC Sport Academy site Pop-up icon as it is today?

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