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Concept sketches 1
Sketches 1

Concept sketches 2
Sketches 2

Concept sketches 3
Sketches 3

Cover design sketches 1
Covers 1

Cover design sketches 2
Covers 2

Though recognisable, the IHSD (Insititue for Health Sector Development) logo was becoming increasingly dated.

It was deemed that changing the logo overnight would not be too successful - rather a logo that evolved to the desired look over 5/6 years.

The plan was to take the existing logo and modernise it for the short term (1-2 years) and from there evolve it into an authoritative, ownable logotype.

A full rollout of the logo would take place every 18/24 months, until it reached a satisfactory state.

The final logo development would have seen the light of day in early 2003, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Shortly after the development was commissioned the client's lead parted company with IHSD, and development was put on hold indefinately.

What is presented here is early sketches on the logo and exploratory work on the brochures and documents that IHSD and its sister company HLSP produced on a regular basis.

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