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Concept sketches 1
Sketches 1

Concept sketches 2
Sketches 2

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Sketches 3

Concepts 1
Concepts 1

Concepts 2
Concepts 2


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Product page

Homebase wanted to be the first UK home improvement company to offer products for sale online via its website.

Although Do It All had beaten them to an online presence, Do It All's site effectively only offered an online price guide, as there was no shopping facility.

The full Homebase catologue would be offered online, from power tools to paint, lawnmowers to lighting.

Alongside this would sit articles and guides to simple and complex DIY tasks, with handy links to the tools and products you would need to complete the job.

Launching without a global search facility also meant that the design had to be clear and concise, as well as reflecting the value for money nature of Homebase's physical stores.

Early concepts were viewed as having gone too far in the lifestyle direction, though the clarity of the designs overall was well liked.

In the end a homepage that packed more of a visual punch was settled on, with the internal pages still retaining the clarity of the original concepts.

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