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After a year in business, Assertahome was deemed ready for a redesign.

The property services website had been the first in a plan to launch a hub of lifestyle services around the Asserta brand.

The site itself offers a multitude of estate agent's properties in one place, with links to local information, including schools and other facilities.

Not only that, but you can access the same information on the Assertahome interactive digital television service (iDTV), as well as receive property updates via SMS text messages.

The redesign was seen as an opportunity to introduce a better search facility, in the form of a pod which constantly sits on the left of the page, storing any search criteria you enter.

As well as the search pod, the redesign also introduced a better personal folder area, which offered buyers guides that could be ticked off in stages.

Not just for first time buyers they offered information and a helpful check list of tasks for all buyers, along with handy hints and tips.

Assertahome also offered help to those trying to sell houses, as well as offering details on how to finance your dream move.

Partner sites had to be given style guides and direction to ensure that the content from their sites matched the overall look and feel of the main Asserta site.

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